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Carving Stress Out

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. There is cold crisp air, colorful leaves, and unforgettable holidays, and while most people think of Halloween in October, my mind goes to a different place. As a child, my parents did not like the idea of Halloween, and my mom even said that it was “the devil’s holiday. “ So most of my childhood queen until I was about 16 consisted of me turning out candy to kids. I know this may seem cruel, but my mom made up for it by doing one tradition every year.

 Carving pumpkins. You don’t need to be a great artist; you just need to know how to use a knife and have that fall spirit in mind! 

You are seven steps you need to take to carve a beautiful pumpkin, just in time for Halloween.

Get a pumpkin 

This is an essential step because if you pick a lousy pumpkin, you set yourself up for failure. Four medium size portions have a minimum amount of scratches and dirt, and mold on it. You will never find a perfect pumpkin, but your best bet and getting close to that is going to a pumpkin farm and picking out one from there. If your options are more limited, I recommend you go to your local grocery store and pick up a pumpkin.

Cut a hole in the top

You want to cut at a 45° angle around the stem and create a small opening to put a candle or light( whichever you choose) inside the pumpkin.

Gut it

I’ll take all the insides out of the pumpkin to make it whole. Some people save the seeds and bake them for a snack, but I’m not a fan of the sources, so I just let them compost outside. 


You want to know what you’re going to be carving before you carve it. That’s why I take a sharpie and draw out whatever I have in mind. The most important part here is understanding where the light will shine through the pumpkin and how you can use shadows to create pieces of your Vision.

Get to Carving!

This part takes the most patients in caution. I picked up a pumpkin carving set, but that didn’t help me very much. I recommend you try to find appliances around the house that can potentially help you carve. The most beneficial thing I found as a tool was a flat head screwdriver. Just make sure you’re taking your time and always checking to see how your light will be shining through your pumpkin.

Wash and dry.

Carving your pumpkin will be messy, it’s crucial when you finish that you clean out any remnant pumpkin shavings inside and outside the pumpkin to ensure you have a clean design.

Show it off

Put your light in the pumpkin and place the stem on top. When night falls around, set it outside for a beautiful decoration.

Pumpkins can be an expressive way to show your excitement about the fall, but also it can be a very relaxing experience when done with no pressure. It can be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with friends, or have some peaceful alone time. No matter your reasoning I hope it will help you to embrace the changing of the seasons and relieve the stress of life’s pressure. So go out there and show some fall spirit and get to carving!

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