Healthy Food = Healthy Mind

Food is a daily part of our lives, and everything we consume can contribute to how we look and feel. Food has a direct impact on the physical health we find ourselves in, and because our brains work hard, even while sleeping, this means a constant supply of fuel is needed. This “fuel” comes from the foods you eat and what is in that fuel makes all the difference. 

So what do most people eat?

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that, overall, 36.6 percent of adults – about 85 million – consumed fast food, including pizza, on a given day. The percentage was higher for people between the ages of 20 and 39 with about 44.9% 

Foods loaded with carbohydrates, sugars, and trans fats can create heart diseases, high blood pressure, and bad skin. People who eat fast food and processed pastries are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than people who don’t eat those foods or eat very few of them. 

Just because you don’t eat out, however, doesn’t mean you’re putting the right things in your body. Consuming natural sugars, fats and organic foods loaded with vitamins, fiber, and minerals have a direct effect on the brain in concentration and activity.  

Grilled Salmon with a Sweet Potato and Spinach

An array of organic foods with many different colors on your plate is a good sign you are well on your way to healthy living. 

The main reason as to why people eat so bad is the chaos that life brings. When people are occupied with stressful situations like work or school, they tend to not focus on what they are putting in their bodies because it takes less work than finding and preparing tasty health options.

Here are ways you can make buying healthy food easier

  1. Buy foods that WILL go bad after two weeks.
  • Most food that expires quickly are vegetables and fruits that have great nutritional value.
  • Food that expires quickly will push you to use the food you have as fast as possible so you’re not throwing away your money.
  1. Do not buy fast food!
  • Fight the temptation and habit to find a quick fix 
  • If you do eat fast food, try to minimize how much you go. No more than three days a week.
  1. Plan out your meals
  • Find healthy foods that you think taste good, and then plan your meals around them. 
  • Find foods that are from all sections of a food pyramid and incorporate it all to make diverse and filling meals
  1. Learn how to cook!
Mediterranean Salad inside Pita Bread
  • This is the most important thing you should do! Being able to cook for yourself gives you more independence and creates an intimate relationship with you and the food you eat. I am not saying you have to be a master chef by any means, but you want to learn the basics of cooking and do it regularly to get comfortable.

Your diet, from the things we eat to the content we consume, all affect how the brain functions. It is always important to be conscious of what we allow to become daily habits in our lives. Eating well not only benefits your long term longevity, but it helps in having consistency in your emotions, thought process, and how you physically feel. 

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