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Daily Show With Collin Willis?

In a previous blog, I talk about my broad business career goals I want to be involved in. I came to the conclusion of making my independent digital publication because I am inspired and correctly informed by the content places like ViceNews or VoxMedia create.

One thing that I think lacks is the balance of positive and negative. It is important to keep viewers moral up no matter the world’s circumstances, and I believe there will always be light wherever you can find darkness.

That why I also am so inspired by shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah that incorporate comedy is stories and situations many would see as dim.

Being able to entertain and make people laugh while also informing them correctly of what is going on around them is a task that seems daunting, but when done right, it could be the most influential type of news people will watch.

One of my favorite rap lines is J. Cole in Fire Squad when he talks about how “all good jokes contain true shit.” This really made me realize that Jokes are a spin on reality. We take something familiar and real, twisting it a little or a lot to generate humor. Seeing life through a filter of comedy helps us cope with the harsh realities of life.

Often, the universal language of laughing can create connections and moments of consensus otherwise seen as close to impossible.

My passion lies in creative content, and this expression of news is a creative way to feed people the truth.

I want to emulate news in this form of satire when I get an opportunity to make my publication.

My experiences and jobs I encounter to get to this point will help me understand the logos, ethos, and pathos of people, and somewhere along the way, hopefully, I will develop a funny bone that extends past my dad jokes.

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