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We all take care of our minds differently.

My blog is centered around mental health, however I’ve only been focusing on my own. As individuals one of the greatest things about us is that each of us are uniquely different with these differences we tend to cope and handle situations differently as well. I took this opportunity to ask a couple of my close friends to see what they do to help with their mental health. I know that my thought process is different from my peers and having a wider perspective on how to handle the grievances and stress of life can lead to A better understanding for all people.

So here’s a Q&A I did with my friends Christyl and Lee to get their perspective on what mental health is to them and how people can deal with it.

What is mental health to you? What is your mental health like?

Lee: “It’s basically the health of how you think and the things you let affect you. I feel like I have good mental health.”

Christyl: “I would define it as the spiritual or physical health status of how you process your emotions. For me it can vary day to day what my mental health is like, but for the most part I would say it is good.”

What things give you the most stress/anxiety?

L: “School gives me the most stress in my life right now. That and the “games” that some women play.”

C: “The different fears that I have. Failure, being judged, feeling inadequate, or coming off the wrong way toward people or letting myself down mainly.”

Lee in Navarre, Florida at a beach with his friends.

How do you handle this stress when it arises?

L: “Usually I just go back home away from school to Florida whenever I feel overwhelmed. I like to go to the beach with my friends mainly. Other than that like to take hot showers to relieve me and go and hang out and play ball with my friends. I don’t really let it affect my mood.”

C: “By doing a lot of self analyzing or management. When I feel down, I try to find the root or cause of a problem and how it relates to me and if it is something I can control. I also make time to journal occasionally and I think having good hygiene and working out helps too.”

How much does the news play a part in your mental health?

L: “I wouldn’t say the news interferes with my happiness I like being informed.” 

C: “I am just not a fan of all the negativity in the news. I try to avoid it honestly and my parents watch it so much at home that that is all I need.”

Do you think modern society plays a role in people’s mental health? If so how?

L: “Modern society can only play a role in your health if you let it.”

C: “I think modern society has helped us realize that mental health is real, and that everyone has stuff to deal with. But it is up to that specific person on what parts of society they allow to affect them.”

What habits/things you are part of help you in your daily mood?

C: “My faith, talking to my family, and participating in campus organizations and finding groups of people I could talk to. It makes me feel connected.”

L: “Play video games with the guys, talk to women, and keep in contact with my family, mainly my mom.”

Do you think it’s possible to live a life without stress or feeling down sometimes?

L: “No, everyone has emotions and it’s apart of life.”

C: “No, the ups and downs of life is just being part of being human. How are you going to know when your up if you’ve never been down.”

Christyl Eating Fruit and Relaxing.

Where are some things that are guaranteed to make you feel better or keep you happy?

L: “Playing the game, talking sports with my pops, and good people.”

C: “Eating fresh food like fruit, listening to music, and hanging out with good people. I think it’s also important to have time to just be silly and act a fool.”

As you can see, people have all kinds of different perspectives on mental health because everyone is unique from one another. It is important to know yourself more so you can know your emotions and be in more control of your thoughts, actions, and mood. I hope seeing how other people maneuver through the stress of life helps you in your journey to living a life full of happiness. 

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