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Interior Design Your Mind!

Whenever I have lazy days or feel as if my emotional energy is drained, The simple act of cleaning my house always seems to lift my spirit to get stuff done. It might be an impulsive habit that happens when I feel stressed, but there’s just something about having a clear space that equates to having a clear mind for me. I have seasons in my life when I need a breath of refreshing change I rearranging my room, add sticky notes hang on my furniture with words of encouragement, or at the very least tidy up my living space.

The environment presented to us plays a vital role in who we are and our day-to-day actions. From the messages we see on our way to work to the unpredictable weather, our environment can alter our anxieties and depression.

The textures and colors of a room can influence the extent of a person’s emotions and stress; small things like adding the color blue has been found to calm anxiety s. These subtle differences in an environment affecting people have led architects and psychologists to believe there is a correlation between design and the mind.

The idea of sculpting your environment for more than just aesthetics has been around for hundreds of years in the form of things like the Chinese practice of Feng Shui (the balance of yin and yang by arranging furniture or determining the layout of a house). It was made famous by wealthy Chinese businessmen who used it to ensure space’s energy alignment promoted fortune.

In more modern years, tech company powerhouses like google intentionally create office spaces that encourage their employees’ well-being and productivity. Psychological discoveries have made their way into interior design and how it could treat mental health.

Our room is often our place of safety and comfort, so it is essential to have a healthy and productive living space. Simple things like avoiding clutter, using inviting colors, adding more sunlight, and plants can make a huge differences in a person’s mood and actions.

The great thing about a room is that it has the ability show someone’s personality and accommodates the different needs of people to feel in a comfortable space. To showcase how different every room can be, as well as maybe give readers ideas for what they could do in their rooms, I took pictures of me and my friends in our rooms.

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