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Album Review

One topic that has always interested me is music. Mainly because it is something that everyone can find a way to relate to and express themselves with. I have always immersed myself in music and after spending four years developing my journalism skills, I realized I can combine both my passion for music and writing into one.

So here is just a taste of what I plan on doing in the near future: writing about music.

The Recession 2 Review

Coming off of a heated live stream Verzuz match against Gucci Mane, one of hip-hop’s biggest names, Jeezy, dropped The Recession 2; a 15 track the sequel to his 2008 album, The Recession, which released during a recession that left millions of Americans unemployed.

With hits like “Put On” and “My President”, Jeezy (Known at that time as Young Jeezy) was able to embrace his southern gangsta while also talking about relevant and impactful subjects. 12 years and 10 studio projects later, Jeezy is coming back with the same kind of southern trap inspired instrumentals while chiming in about the state he sees our country in.

In an interview Jeezy did with The Ringer, he stated his intentions for making such an album for the times we are living in, “It just really inspired me to touch on some of that, but at the same time, motivate my people and give them something to help them through these times and to celebrate, because the shift is happening,” He said.

“Things are happening, but not to forget about the moment, because it’s been surreal for even me. When I wrote the last Recession, we were celebrating. Barack Obama was coming into office. Things were different. It wasn’t this bad. So this is a different feel.”

Jeezy starts this album off hot out of the gate with “Oh Lord”– A song paying homage to the lives of George Floyde, Bronna Taylor, and Ahmad Arbery. Through the track, Tamikia Mallory’s “State Of Emergency Speech” is played over the beat to help depict the state of America’s social climate. 

And I must say after this song, Jeezy does not let up. By integrating soulful sample beats with notable features from artists like Yo Gotti, E-40, and even Demi Lovato; Jeezy pulls together a diverse set of resources to create a modern album but with his same iconic swagger and flow.

The album sets the overall vibe of soul, strength, and revolution. This is apparent with his live instrumental beats and even the cover artwork depicts Jeezy with a black beret and turtleneck in front of a vintage car looking very reminiscent of a Black Panther in the 1960s.

From supporting black businesses to talking about stimulus checks, Jeezy takes this opportunity to be a conscious rapper while staying relevant to people that just want to nod their heads. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to hear about what’s going on in the world through an unfiltered perspective or someone who just is a fan of Young Jeezy.

My top 5 songs on this album are:

1.Oh Lord (feat. Tamika Mallory)

2. Here We Go

4. Back (feat. Yo Gotti)

11. Live and Die

14. Almighty Black Dollar (feat. Rick Ross)

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