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What Does It Take?!?

Communicating a message through today’s digital platforms is essential because it makes us money, keeps us informed while also dividing us. It feels like no matter where we look there is some kind of underlying motive to what these news stations, congressmen and women, and so on feed us.

Not one person is perfect, so why do we put so much faith in one side like we are fans on a team. We have to recognize that focusing on what separates us, distracts from the real problem.

We all know the saying “There’s strength in numbers”. We create an entire military to destroy people that look just like us, they just happen to live really far away and think differently. It has been happening since the dawn of man.

Everything about us is evil but we were made so special. Some might think what would the world look like if everyone had the intention of God. To spread love and give freely, finding peace in not his possessions, but his purpose.

And so the question because how do you get the world to realize its purpose? How do you get each person on earth to come together and see past the illusion of red and blue?

Show the harsh good and bad of everything and find the truth in it all. I know he wouldn’t but what if God was the president or someone who truly embodied him would do! Get rid of the party system, make water free,heal the sick, feed the homeless! 

What if we didn’t trust in money so much, and trusted in him like it says on that green piece of paper. That’s my battle right now (one of  them) is trying not to let money rule my world but at time i feel like it is my #1 priority, instead of happiness.

AND it’s all because I’m chasing after bills that have value we’ve given it.

That’s why I’m chasing the new American dream, and no i’m not talking van life. I want to own my own farm. Have some chickens, goats, and live off the food I grow. All while being completely off grid with my two Australian shepherds and some people I love. And I want to grow that love and spread it to other people and I believe that will happen.

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