What Does It Take?!?

Communicating a message through today’s digital platforms is essential because it makes us money, keeps us informed while also dividing us. It feels like no matter where we look there is some kind of underlying motive to what these news stations, congressmen and women, and so on feed us. Not one person is perfect, soContinue reading “What Does It Take?!?”

Album Review

One topic that has always interested me is music. Mainly because it is something that everyone can find a way to relate to and express themselves with. I have always immersed myself in music and after spending four years developing my journalism skills, I realized I can combine both my passion for music and writingContinue reading “Album Review”

Exercising out my stress

Mental Illnesses are becoming more commonly prescribed, the more the technology of modern society consumes us. In the age of over-priced pharmaceuticals and a costly healthcare system, exercising is an alternative, more affordable way to deal with mental and physical health. More and more research has emerged, linking exercise and a decrease in mental illnessContinue reading “Exercising out my stress”

My Breathwork Experience

Breathwork is a practice that uses breathing exercises or techniques to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During Breathwork, you intentionally change your breathing pattern to get more circulation of oxygen through the body. The practice of Breathwork can be used for a variety of reasons. Overall, it is believed to bring improvements in anContinue reading “My Breathwork Experience”

Nov. 1: World Vegan Day! A Mindful Lifestyle Can Help Your Mental

World vegan day is a self-proclaimed holiday celebrated by vegans all around the globe. Although skeptics believe the diet doesn’t provide the correct nutrition, there are many reasons why people choose to participate in Veganism. I am not a full vegan, but I do my best to integrate a more plant-based diet that rejuvenates myContinue reading “Nov. 1: World Vegan Day! A Mindful Lifestyle Can Help Your Mental”


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