Masks aren’t the first things we have rebelled against.

As we adopt more and more to this new way of living with a pandemic, one of the main things that I haven’t been doing is going places and hanging out with friends. However, as the world pushes to come back to normal and adapt to an unseen enemy, I, too, must adjust if IContinue reading “Masks aren’t the first things we have rebelled against.”


“Loving or hating the life you are living is solely all in your repeated self-talk.” ― Edmond Mbiaka Everyone has had those days when we feel a little off, and nothing we do feels quite right. Our unconscious mind takes over by someone we don’t recognize, and our actions follow the same. On these particular days,Continue reading “THE POWER OF SELF-TALK”

3 things I do daily that help me feel more balanced

Life is like a series of roller coasters with its fair share of ups and downs. For some, this can be an exciting game of chance, for others like me, it can leave you sick and dizzy. There are times when I reach a low and only by my actions and self-talk am I ableContinue reading “3 things I do daily that help me feel more balanced”