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My Future Career

A visual I made after writing about the George Floyd protest.

As I approach the end of my college career, the vision of how I will begin my adult life is forming into something more real than just declaring a major on a piece of paper. I have a much clearer plan and the idea of what aspects of my journalism career I want to be involved with.

My goal is to create quality digital content as a journalist or advertiser, that will correctly inform my generation of the problems they have the power to fix. I want to be involved with digital media groups specifically like Vice News or Vox that work on investigative journalism that focuses on important social, cultural, and economic issues that get overlooked by the CNN’s and the Foxs of the world.

With a Major in Journalism and a Minor in Global Business, I have had roughly three and a half years to refine my skills in multimedia, writing, and advertising. To me, these aspects of society are the most influential and imperative to get right. People can only act with the information that they received, and whether that information is true, accessible, and timely is the job of the media. Depending on how well this job is done, people can equip themselves properly or fall into ignorant destruction.

One of my favorite aspects of the field I have chosen is the ability to freely create and package information in a way that is appealing and efficient. The biggest part of my career I hope to experience is the exposure to different cultures, people, and ideas that have the potential to change not only my life but possibly millions of others.

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