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Exercising out my stress

Mental Illnesses are becoming more commonly prescribed, the more the technology of modern society consumes us. In the age of over-priced pharmaceuticals and a costly healthcare system, exercising is an alternative, more affordable way to deal with mental and physical health. More and more research has emerged, linking exercise and a decrease in mental illness symptoms.

Recent studies have found that exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Simple anaerobic movements like walking, biking, and even dancing are proven to reduce stress and depression. Many people overlook the benefits of exercise, but it has proven to benefit my lifestyle greatly.

I love to exercise with my friends because they keep me accountable, and it feels good to know someone is in the same pain as you are. Playing sports for most of my life has made me used to the gym, but taking a partner with you can make the atmosphere less intimidating.

Integrating exercise in your lifestyle can create healthy habits that extend past the gym, like healthy eating and building healthy relationships. Here is an interview I did with my close friend and workout partner: Jamar.

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